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When Should a Buyer get a Home Inspection?

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When you see a house you like, should you get a home inspection? The answer to this question lies in understanding just what services a professional home inspector provides. A home inspector is an individual trained to look critically at all aspects of the house. It is always wise to include a home inspection contingency […]

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November”HOME”WARD Bound Newsletter


Thank You, and….. The month of November brings about an extra opportunity to say Thank You for being a valuable part of our business. As most begin to prepare for the Holiday season, plan Thanksgiving get-togethers, and the like, it’s easy to become wrapped up in all that we have to do to ensure a […]

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YOUR HOME SOLD GUARANTEED REALTY | KELLAR LAWRENCE REAL ESTATE was Named to REAL Trends + Tom Ferry America’s Best Real Estate Professionals, Ranking in the Top 3 Teams in South Carolina

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Kellar Lawrence Real Estate in Greenwood SC was named to RealTrends + Tom Ferry America’s Best Real Estate Professional in Greenwood, South Carolina. YHSGR – KLRE was named one of South Carolina’s most productive real estate teams as a part of RealTrends + Tom Ferry America’s Best Real Estate […]

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How Does Housing Affect Health?

Housing is commonly considered to be “affordable” when a family spends less than 30 percent of its income to rent or buy a residence. The shortage of affordable housing limits families’ and individuals’ choices about where they live, often relegating lower-income families to substandard housing in unsafe, overcrowded neighborhoods with higher rates of poverty and […]

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Four Things You Need to Know About Greenwood SC

Greenwood provides a friendly, small-town setting along with the progressive and active environment of a larger city. It is known for its natural beauty, low cost of living, and wonderful communities. Whether it is business or pleasure that brings you to Greenwood, I welcome you to our town, and today we’re going to be talking […]

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5 Reasons Lake Greenwood Is A Great Value

While is not as well-known as other South Carolina lakes, Lake Greenwood’s “under the radar” status makes it one of the best values in the southeast. If you’re looking to live on the water, here are five reasons why you should give Lake Greenwood a look. Two Words: Affordable Waterfront Like many areas, Lake Greenwood […]

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Avoiding Common Buyer Traps

Buying a home is a process, not an event. Take the time to understand your needs and you’ll prevent yourself from falling into common buyer traps, such as unclear titles or inaccurate surveys. The survey should clearly mark boundaries and the property should be free of any tax liens, undisclosed owners, or leases. Not getting […]

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How to Buy Your Dream Home for the Best Price

I would look for a realtor that has proven time and time again, that the many unique programs they offer, help their clients find the home of their dreams for the best possible price. For example, a real estate agent that offers a Home Hunter Service provides buyers automatic access to the best deals on […]

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