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How Long Should I Expect My Home To Sell?

The current market has many factors that can determine the average time it takes to sell your home. Let us help you understand these factors and give you some tips on how to sell your home quickly! 

Each sale has its own set of selling conditions that you must pay attention to when making decisions regarding listing your home.  Let’s take a look!


It’s no surprise that location is one of the most critical contributing factors influencing how fast or how slow your home will sell. For starters, you can easily obtain real estate trends as well as the average days homes are on market online or with your realtor.

Demand and Inventory:

Common knowledge tells us homes will sell faster when demand is high or inventory is low and we can assume the reverse when demand is low or inventory is high, homes sit on the market longer. Understanding the demand and inventory in your current market will help you to understand how quickly your home will sell.

Market Conditions:

Understanding and knowing current market conditions prior to selling your home plays a huge role in how quick your home will sell and helps you plan. As of July 2022, according to The Current Market and Average Time It’s Taking to Sell a Home Recent reports, homes are still selling relatively fast, although inventory is rising, which could signify a longer average selling time unfolding.

Selling Your Home Quickly:

Kellar Lawrence is committed to helping you sell your home! And, we have a few tips that we can offer for a smooth, quick, and successful sale of your home! 

  • Keep Your Home Clean and Clutter-free! It might be an inconvenience, but it will pay off.  People need to envision the space as their own.
  • Make Updates! A dated home makes for a slower sale. People cannot see it in present day and may overlook some of its hidden charming features. Making even small updates can make the difference in selling or not selling.
  • Set the Right Price! Be realistic and get the advice and our experienced agents to list at a price relative to the current trends.

Work With Kellar Lawrence Team:

Trust Kellar Lawrence to sell your home!  If you’re considering selling 

your house and want more information from an experienced agent on your current market

conditions and trends, The Kellar Lawrence Team is here to help! Contact us today for your free consultation! 

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