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How our partner Debre overcame the challenges of the pandemic to build her new home!

Debre Gray could not be happier to move into her new home.
Gray, who is the mother of two young sons, is now the proud owner of a new home on Mineral Court.

We are proud of her for showing such perseverance as to achieve homeownership in the middle of a pandemic. This is the first of four affordable houses that we will sell to local families this spring, and there have many more on the way soon.”

Gray took part in the raising of the first wall of her house with Habitat’s help. Gray’s house was the 106th house built by the Greenwood Area Habitat, which operates a homeownership program that supplies the tools and material to build a home. Habitat’s home build was aided by a group of student volunteers from Boston College’s Appa organization — which sends students to help communities in need. The group has partnered with the Greenwood Area Habitat since 1995.

A home construction — which was intended to be completed in five months — was delayed by the novel coronavirus pandemic. Also, shortages in building supplies proved challenging. Like every other home builder in 2020, Greenwood Area Habitat had to overcome occasional shortages and delays, which makes us also proud of our volunteers and staff for pushing across the finish line while staying safe. Despite the delays, Gray is thankful for those that helped her achieve homeownership.

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