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May”HOME”WARD Bound Newsletter

May 2021
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Mind your MOM!

Just about every May I sit down to write Homeward Bound; I write about Mom’s Day. And why not… it is a very special day for very special people.

My Mom used to tell me, seemingly repeatedly, to do this and do that, not to do this and not to do that. ALL, I recall, very valuable advice. Looking back on it all these many years later, I can say she was, and still is, a very wise woman.

Time reveals, in fact, just about every caring Mother is a Wise Woman. I can see why we carve out a special day each year to acknowledge Moms. So here is a shout out to all Mom’s – Happy Mother’s Day!!

I am sure some reading this can relate and have similar stories. For ALL those whose Mom is no longer with you, may you remember the best about them. In addition to that, there are also many who never knew their Mom due to unfortunate circumstance. I bet someone played that roll in their life and they too deserve a Happy Mother’s Day!

Regardless, we can celebrate this Mother’s Day knowing Moms both here and no longer here are special in more ways than we can count.

Especially… the Moms being helped by Greenwood Habitat for Humanity.

You may recall my team and I are on a mission to raise $25,000 for Greenwood Area Habitat for Humanity. We do that by donating a portion of our income from home sales to this very worthy cause.

Habitat for Humanity broadens access to affordable housing. They had built or rehabilitated and sold over hundreds of homes to low—to—moderate income families, providing housing for adults and children. Greenwood Area Habitat for Humanity has also completed many home repairs. At Habitat, they believe that everyone deserves to have a decent life, to feel strength and stability, to have the power to take care of themselves and build a future for their children.
The Mom’s being helped at Greenwood Area Habitat for Humanity are most likely enjoying their special day this month. They are simply just being “Mom” looking out for the needs of her family, doing what a real loving Mom does. God bless them for it.

Your referrals help the families in Greenwood.

You may know someone considering buying or selling a home. If so, please refer them to our team. Not only will they benefit from our award-winning service, a very worthy cause will benefit as well.
Just give me a call or pass on my number. Thank you for giving this some though.
A core value at our company is “the size of the hole you give through is directly proportionate to the size of the hole you receive through.”

As part of our Go Serve Big Mission, we proudly give back to those on our community who need help the most. In this case, the families with amazing Mom’s at Greenwood Area Habitat for Humanity.

My Mom told me to give all I could, no matter what I was doing. Many years later, I get to repeat it here and do all I can to help you, your referrals and try and help Habitat for Humanity continue their leading-edge service and keep the housing costs to those families down to a minimum.

Thank you in advance for the referrals

Go Serve Big!!!
Kellar Lawrence

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