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October 2022 Homeward Bound Newsletter

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October 2022
Kellar Lawrence
Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty

The month of October can be a spooky month, maybe even a scary month with monstrous problems. Yikes!! Well maybe not, but words like that seem to be popping up everywhere as kids and adults alike look forward to Halloween. 

In fact, according to USA Today, adults spend more on themselves to celebrate Halloween than any other day during the year. I get that. Especially if they want to hang out with the kids to go trick or treating, or to a Halloween party of some kind. 

Many homeowners and home buyers though are truly scared.  Scared to death of how in the world they are going to get out of their house and into their next one (the trick).  

My Treat: As a result of working with many families over a 30-year time span, we have developed a special program to help home sellers and homebuyers. We will guarantee the sale of their present home at a price agreeable to them and in the unlikely event their home does not sell, we’ll buy it. Now that is how you turn a trick into a real treat.

AND remember… YOUR referrals help the Families.

My heart breaks for many young people and families who will not be able to enjoy this fun time of the year out trick or treating or going to Halloween parties.

As you know, tragedy falls on many in this life. Especially to those who were unable to go back to work because their employer closed or lost business due to the pandemic. We aim to do what we can to help families who were unable to have fun right now, due to unforeseen circumstances.

Greenwood Area Habitat for Humanity broadens access to affordable housing, providing housing to low-to-moderate-income families but Habitat depends on Donations to continue its leading-edge service. So, YOUR REFERRALS REALLY DO HELP THE FAMILIES…

Who do you know considering buying or selling a home you could refer to my real estate sales team?

Not only will they benefit from our award-winning service, but we donate a substantial portion of our income on every home sale to Greenwood Area Habitat for Humanity.

I want to make it easy to refer your friends, neighbors, associates, or family members considering making a move, so here are your options:

  1. You can go to and enter their contact info online or forward the link to who you know considering a move.
  2. Of course, you can always call me direct as well at 864-942-8991.


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